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Guru Gutter Cleaning Seneca

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How Fast, Easy & Reliable Are We?

Within minutes you will have a price and schedule!

Once you book your appointment everything else is pretty HANDS FREE for you!

We will be here the next time you need us and the next and the next and the next...

Who Will You Work With?

<--- This is Robert, he is the first team member that you will work with. He answers the majority of our calls.

2nd is our robot...aka the software we use to communicate with you back and forth.

3rd is our gutter cleaning technician that will be amazing and professional at your property.

And last is Robert or another member of the office team.

Why Us? Why Are We The Best?

Obviously there are great people in other companies.


We have many things that they don't.

Here are just a few.

  1. Over 800 Google Reviews
  2. Over 3,000 Gutters Cleaned Each Year
  3. In business since 2017
  4. 4+ Gutter Vacuum Trucks that we have invented, engineered and built
  5. Full insurance
  6. Over $200,000 invested to invent our gutter vacuum trucks

We Promise To...

1. Keep your property clean

Believe it or not our customers properties are cleaner when we leave than when we arrived.

Yep, we take pride in being different than others who offer gutter cleaning and one of the big ways is in our cleanliness.

Our gutter cleaning process doesn't make a mess and we still use a blower and the end of the job which means we often clean up debris off the ground that was there before we arrived.

2. To keep your property damage free

We know that your property is important to you and one way to show you that it is important to us too is by not damaging it.


We have identified all the most common ways gutter cleaners damage property and with that information we have designed a system that is impossible to damage your property.

Smart right?

We think so too and obviously our customers that use us again and again feel the same way.

3. To make this a risk free experience

You shouldn't have to be at risk when someone comes to service your property. With us the risk is gone.

We also feel that our employees should have almost no risk and our gutter vacuum system provides that for them.

4. To make a safe experience for our employees

Guru Gutter Cleaning wouldn't be a company without our employees. That is why we have invested so much into our system that keeps our employees safe during the gutter cleaning process.

Recent Jobs We've Done

Gutter Screen Removal & Cleaning

When: October 7, 2021

Services: Gutter Screen Removal

Brief Explanation:

These gutters had the metal mesh screens on them but they were not working. FYI: They never actually work. They may keep some debris out for a little bit but eventually (within 3 years) they get full and clog up really really bad.

These gutters were full and had weeds growing up through the screens. We had to remove them first and then clean out all the mud and debris.

Downspout Filter Installation

When: July 14, 2021

Services: Downspout Filter Installation

Brief Explanation:

We cleaned this customers gutters 2 weeks prior. Our technician gave this customer a quote for downspout filters to prolong the service he just provided.

The technician showed the home owner the filters and explained how they worked as well as sent a link to a webpage with pictures and a video showing more proof.

The customer approved the quote and the technician went out to install the filters on the recommended downspouts. Downspout filters prevent clogged gutters and prolong the gutter cleaning by allowing the water to flow even when they are full of debris.

Customer Reviews

Call Us. Text Us. Email Us.

It's Really Easy To Reach Us

Call Us: (864) 539-4308

Text Us: (864) 539-4308

Email Us:

Want To Make Your Gutter Cleaning Last Longer?

As Us About Our Downspout Filter Solutions

So The Big Questions Is....?

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

Prices for gutter cleaning vary based on the scope of work, does it have any gutter guards or screens, how long has it been since they have been clean, how high are the gutters, how wide are the gutters, how much debris is on the roof, etc.

However, when you call our office staff will ask you these questions and then be able to give you an exact price and a timeframe to come out and clean your gutters.

If you wait too long...

You could have serious water damage!

Let's Be Frank. Our System Just Makes Sense!

It just makes sense to...

  1. Use a system that doesn't damage your home.
  2. Use a system that doesn't make a mess
  3. Use a system that has ZERO chance of anybody falling to their death off your roof or ladder
  4. Use a system that has been tested 1,000s and 1,000s of times

If you agree to these, then we are the company for you!

Call Us. Text Us. Email Us.

It's Really Easy To Reach Us

Call Us: (864) 539-4308

Text Us: (864) 539-4308

Email Us:

Hours of Operation

When Are We Open?

7:30 AM - 6:30 PM
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What Areas Do We Service?

Map of Service Areas & Branches


1. How Long Has Guru Gutter Cleaning Been in Business?

We have been servicing customers since 2017. Since then we have developed multiple versions of our gutter vacuum system and we will probably never truly stop improving it.

We look forward to many more years of service and amazing solutions to our customers.

2. Do we accept credit cards?

Honestly we don't really care how we get paid as long as we get paid. That being said the most convenient method to pay is electronic because we don't have to wait around for payment, nobody has to be home, nobody can forget the cash or check in the truck, it can't be lost, etc.

Most of our customers pay us by clicking their invoice and making a payment.

3. Do you dump the debris at our house?

No. We have developed a gutter vacuum truck and all the debris that is sucked up goes into the tank on the back of our truck and we take it home with us.

4. Do You Accept Credit Cards, Check, Cash?

Yes, yes, and yes!

We don't care how we get paid as long as we get paid.

We process all payments through our super duper fancy software that managers all jobs, notes, customers and payments.