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Gutter Cleaning Vacuum Truck

About: Gutter Cleaning Vacuum Truck

Guru Gutter Cleaning is a pioneer in the industry of cleaning gutters. People have been cleaning gutters for 100+ years with ladders and by hand.

When high pressure water or air was available through pressure washing systems or backpack blowers people started using those but they come with some big risks.

Guru Gutter Cleaning has changed the game by inventing a Gutter Vacuum Truck to suck the gutters clean from the ground.

Version 3.0

As of the summer 2021 we are on version 3.0 of our Gutter Vacuum Trucks. We have learned that it isn't so easy to invent something from the ground up. Lots of learning curves and things to improve on as you use the product day in and day out.

Why We Love This Piece of Equipment So Much?

Gutter cleaning is a risky business. Most home owners and businesses gutters are 10, 20, 30 or even 40 feet off the ground. With it being so high it isn't so easy to clean and comes with some risks.

However, with Guru Gutter Cleaning and our Gutter Cleaning Vacuum trucks we have eliminated those risks by allowing our technicians to suck the gutters clean from the ground safely.

SO IN SHORT. We love our gutter vacuum trucks because...

1. It allows 1 guy to do the work of 2 or 3.

2. It keeps our technicians safe and free of falling off ladders or roofs.

3. It is mess free. With our system we suck all of the debris into the trucks vacuum tank and haul it away with us.

4. We have 200' of hose which basically allows us to park in 1 spot and clean the entire home without moving our truck.

5. It eliminates a lot of equipment and moving parts and keeps our technicians job much easier on their bodies.

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