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Downspout Filters

About: Downspout Filters

For 100+ years gutters have been getting clogged with leafs and debris.

In 1891 the very first gutter guard was invented. Since then they have changed, evolved, etc.

But...they don't really work.

With today's best gutter guards they typically cost $7,000+ to install. That is expensive!!!

Even with the best they can still get clogged, need debris removed from the top of them, infested with bugs or animals, valleys full of debris, etc.

So instead of spending $7,000+ on guards that are still not maintenance free we recommend installing downspout filters.

What Are Downspout Filters?

There are various downspout filters and we haven't found any that work very well, until...we found these amazing patented downspout filters!

These filters work so well because there are 138 holes that allow water to filter through them and into the downspout while blocking the leafs, pinestraw, granules, sticks, seeds, etc from getting into them and into the downspouts.

There are also some other amazing things about this design.

1. If they ever need cleaned you simply pull it up, shake it off and put it back in. No screws, glue, or permanent application that makes it hard and expensive to fix.

2. It has a customizable plate to fit over the downspout hole so debris doesn't go into it.

3. They fit into all downspouts without customizing the downspout.

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