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Downspout Filter Installation
Greenville, South Carolina

We cleaned this customers gutters 2 weeks prior. Our technician gave this customer a quote for downspout filters to prolong the service he just provided.

The technician showed the home owner the filters and explained how they worked as well as sent a link to a webpage with pictures and a video showing more proof.

The customer approved the quote and the technician went out to install the filters on the recommended downspouts. Downspout filters prevent clogged gutters and prolong the gutter cleaning by allowing the water to flow even when they are full of debris.



About This Project:


Greenville, South Carolina


July 14, 2021

Two weeks before this job we were hired by this customer to clean their gutters. During the cleaning our technicians noticed that many of the downspouts didn't have downspout filters on them and it was causing deeper downspout clogs and early clogging.

The technician gave this customer a quote and they accepted to have us come out and install downspout filters in order to prolong their gutter cleaning and to help prevent future downspout or underground drain clogs.

What Are Downspout Filters?

Throughout the years there have been many inventions or attempts to stop downspouts from clogging or even debris from getting inside the gutters AKA gutter guards or gutter screens.

Guess what?

Know there is an option that actually works, downspout filters.

Downspout filters shut off the hold to the downspout f

They are super duper expensive, as expensive as 20+ years of gutter cleaning!ds


They don't really work. Home owners that pay $$$$ to get gutter guards often have to still clean the tops off, clean out the valleys and every 3 - 5 years take parts or all of the guards off to clean inside the gutters.


Downspout filters have existed for awhile but the old designs are flawed and often casue more clogs, deeper claugs, and clogs to form quicker.

Until these newly patented product really does the job. It helps prolong your gutter cleaning and helps prevent downspout and underground drain clogs.

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1. How long do the filters last?

They last for years and years and years. Depending on your tree coverage, every 3, 5+ years they may need lightly shaken out and then put back in. This is easy to do.

2. How long have you been around?

We have been in business since 2017.

3. Do they work?

Yes of course.

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